Yuika and Sour

Melody, Lyrics and Harmony written by Yuika Abe Production and Mix by Sour

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Singer-songwriter Yuika has a knack for transforming seemingly mundane objects or memories into poignant reflections on mental health, self acceptance, or even cultural barriers.”

Allston Pudding


In a world that needs laughter more than ever, to direct humor towards oneself and one’s own situation is something that requires acute self-awareness and even a level of courage. [Yuika's new single] “Petty” juxtaposes apologetic remorse with blunt defiance, as one would when questioning one’s actions.”

Atwood Magazine

The playful catchiness and raw honesty of Yuika's music will immediately draw the listener into her world. Yuika Abe (known professionally as YUIKA) is an acclaimed Japanese-American songwriter, singer, producer and keyboardist based in NY. Abe has carefully cultivated her sound and style over the last ten years, performing at venues across the globe and working with some of the top professionals in the industry as her mentors and collaborators.  

Her music plays with a blend of many genres such as pop, jazz, funk, experimental electronics and indie, drawing influences from artists ranging from Fiona Apple to James Blake. 

“I am inspired by seemingly insignificant details in everyday life” states Abe.  Her writing style focuses on using details of daily struggle that most may overlook as being minute (such as luke-warm tea that needs to be microwaved in her song “Microwave Tea” or her Japanese lunchbox being referred to as "dirt on rice" in "Obento" a song about overcoming the sense of shame in one's own culture when assimilating to another) to find intellectual yet playful ways to talk about serious topics such as mental health, self discovery/acceptance, cultural/racial barriers, female empowerment, etc. 

She is currently based in Brooklyn — performing at various NYC venues including the Bowery Electric, Arlene's Grocery and Heaven can Wait, while also working on her debut EP.  She also works as a frequent songwriter, singer, and collaborator to multiple artists and clients, recently landing a commercial spot for Scope Mouthwash by Crest with a track she wrote alongside producer Laurence Wilkins in collaboration with Duotone Audio Group. When she is not in the studio or at the piano humming a new tune, you can find her spending quality time with her friends and family, or doting on her fluffy and love-able pet corgi, Marlo.

Sounds like wherever Yuika points her surfboard, she’ll be able to carve her way forward.”

Allston Pudding


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